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TMGA Leadership Training

TMGA Leadership training will be held on Wednesday, April 24, 12:30 pm to 5:00 pm, at the Jaycee Hall adjacent to the Victoria Community Center.
2905 E. North Street, Victoria, TX 77901
The cost is $25.00 and can be paid online on the registration page.

Are you an officer, committee chair in your county or considering dipping your toes (or even taking the deep plunge) into leadership engagement? This training is for current and potential Master Gardener leaders, regardless of position.

This year we compiled feedback received from the 2018 post-leadership survey and input from the Board of Directors to design an agenda facilitating discussion on these topics. While we don’t have the magic potion to solve all concerns, we hope the sharing of ideas will enable attendees to increase knowledge and take back further understanding to their association(s). Come prepared to participate!

Shattering the 80/20 Rule

The “80-20” rule of volunteering holds that 20 percent of the people in any given organization are responsible for 80 percent of the work. This is frequently echoed within our own associations. Let us explore:

  • How to engage full member involvement
  • How to deal with significant load imbalance
  • How to include more members on projects, especially those who have physical challenges
  • How to re-energize inactive volunteers or those who just meet the minimums
  • How to provide the motivation needed to see projects to fruition

Looking in the Mirror

Leadership is a process that emerges from a relationship between leaders and followers who are bound together by their understanding that they are members of the same group. People are more effective leaders when their behaviors indicate they are looking to advance the interests of the group rather than own personal interests. Let’s ask ourselves:

  • Are our actions creating divisiveness or inclusiveness?
  • Are we allowing the great ideas of others to shine?
  • Do we accept that it’s okay to do something another way?
  • How are we choosing to look at the situation?
  • Are we making an impact in our community?

Weep, Creep, Leap!

This popular adage in the gardening world can be applied to Master Gardeners. Interns are discovering the program and beginning to take root with education; a larger root structure develops as they volunteer and get out into the community; then bam, they are a contributing member! Let’s ask how we can nurture growth from within:

  • How to recruit for leadership roles and pass along leadership
  • How to increase exposure of the program to the public
  • How to embrace evolving technological needs and functions
  • How to provide adequate volunteer and education opportunities
  • How to promote the program to a younger, working demographic

Our Mission

We are trained and knowledgeable volunteers committed to the education of the community while enriching the public and our members through proven gardening and environmental practices and activities.